When My Blog will start making Money


Every Blogger has these Question but actually, according to me, it is the journey to cross the final level.

When My Blog will start making Money

Success will not come directly or easily off course it takes time, right?

Let me give you an example

If you Play a Game it has the levels to reach or to finish the actual game, So in the same way Blog works.

When you entered into Blogging and work in any high search Niche which YouTubers shows us.

Trust me your Blog will not start Ranking on the date of publishing because it takes time for all Global search engines to check and verify your content to show to their user.

I suppose every blog will start ranking on the same day of published, So everyone will become a billionaire.

Same day ranking trick will only work for those, who sell tricks to crab people money, which is completely fake.

Be practical and understand the platform first then jump to all paid program, I mean tools, not a paid course.

Google Bing or any search engines will not rank your website until you have good quality articles, your website overall performance, and mainly its monitor your website user comments 

When you entered into blogging give at least four-month time, give quality content, great catch heading, professional pictures, internal-external links, videos, presentation or infographics and a related permalink.

By doing this you will be done with the on-page SEO & (off-page will let you know later on this article)

Why 4 months is important?

Suppose you have worked very hard and given the detailed article to search engines for 3 months.

Within a 3 month journey, our blog will be visible on search engines even in some of the keywords it will start ranking. cause Google will capture some view & start trusting your site.

From the 4th month, Google will rank your post on some keywords just to check whether it is beneficial for the user or not & that is the time where the blogger has to gear up their shocks and start involving with the user.

If you do these things surelyGoogle will take care of your website and saved to his bookmarks to show their user.

Most of the blogger fail these 4 months tough journey and they quit, but when you keep patience your blog will start making a profit.

I have checked many blogger profiles before writing this article and most of them have made money after 3 months.

Your blog will only rank on date of published when you have bought google advertising or by some black SEO – but honestly, I don’t think black hat or any kind of trick s will work on the day ranking.

Google is a powerful platform and it has powerful robots who always ready to look.

Keep some patience level and work 💯  focus for at least a minimum 4 months.

Because I am much confident that your blog will start showing results in 3 months and all your hard work will start giving your returns.

When your blog will make 1 dollar on online trust me that feels you the most&make you more Happy motivated

In this article, will not talk about great SEO, a paid plugin like semrush or any kind of high DA backlinks.

Blog Journey, important steps are patience, passion and perfection.

I saw many bloggers who hold tons of images, backlinks and videos but the only reason for their failure is limited Ranking of Google 

Reason Why?

When you have tons of stuff on you blog page google user will start disliking your blog, & same will affect badly to your website ranking because google will send a robot to look after it & if suppose any robot will find something incorrect, Google will completely crash your website from rankings.

So Before Jumping into BloG, first understand the platform and the important is to engage with the user which google love the most

Trust me if you do all engaging part on your platform Google will find you and make your article’s ranking, where you don’t have to run for any SEO, backlinks or any kind of special techniques on ranking.

Search engines work day and night to provide better and useful content to their user and if your articles not have built unique, so i believe you wasting your time.

When I started the blog I also have the same doubt and some of the youtube videos taught me to copy the contents from other websites and paste for ranking.

But by doing all illegal activities it has marked my website on dustbin, so I am writing these blog to give awareness to all newbie blogger don’t run for copy content, or any kind of spam activities because that will just waste you time might be there is a chance or you can earn some bit of money but not regularly.

What my steps to follow?

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off-page Seo
  3. Backlinks
  4. Subscribe & take subscribe

All above are the steps of the process but until and unless you do not gain comments, your blog will not show the results on search engines.

Follow the below honest steps to grow.

Select your Niche which you love or in which you have a Good knowledge.

Buy domain which relates to your niche eg: if your blog belongs to Car Review your domain name supposes to be Carsblog.net or .com 

Keyword research – Minimum place at least 20.

Find the keywords from google and use those keywords into your content minimum is 20 maximum 50-60 

Don’t place too many keywords to look at trash content (the image will guide how to find keywords or you can simply use google keyword planner ).

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off-page Seo
  3. Backlinks
  4. Subscribe & take subscribe

The simple answer for all the above steps.

On-page Seo 

If you have buy the hosting & user of WordPress I recommend Yoast or all in one SEO,

Just follow their instruction quickly you can achieve on-page SEO.

Set the  Focus keyphrase

Give nice Meta description

& Make all the instruction in green along with ok Readability

When My Blog will start making Money

Off-page Seo

Off-page is something where you do your work outside of your website to gain user.

The best way to become visible on the internet is Guest Posting for off-page Seo

Because of guest posting which aware user about your website & writing skills.


Request to all your bloggers to provide backlink by writing an email to them.

Trust me if your content is good enough blogger will trust you & provide you with the backlinks because every website need links to each other website because internet is also called as a voting system.

Subscribe & take subscribe

Taking help & helping others is the best way to gain user & trust.

This will keep your blog active & people will start following you.

I am not a Hero, I am still a Blog Learner, I would always guide what I learn.

Keep this attitude ( Sucess will come soon …..

When My Blog will start making Money

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