Top10 free Favicon generator websites

People from around the world given as many as names of favicon like shortcut icon, tab icon, Url icon, bookmark icon and many more.

Favicon helps your website to display your icon on searches, where it looks pretty much good and turns most of the user to your site.

Previously it was difficult to upload favicon & all these works were done by a web designer but now the times have changed where you can easily create a favicon in free of cost to your website address.

See suppose you search for any keywords & basically the site will display your needs on results in which probably most of the website URL has the favicon.

Top10 free Favicon generator website

Is Favicon really helpful for 2019-20

Of course, my answer should be YES because of such small stuff can create a BIG Network on Search Engines.

With the helpful favicon, you can crab more user minds & anyhow which will turn in to your website profit.

Let me also give you some honest advice.

Suppose as an example if a person wants to buy a clothes he has the 2 option in which both of the store owners has given 50% of discount on all clothes but stores is completely mess, staff are good at all, stores design and tools are not good and on the other store is well-maintained design is unmarketable So definitely it turns that person to buy clothes from well maintain design stores.

Good design always gives good returns so before moving into any platform first apply those simple matrics to design the beautiful stores and plan for the other stuff.

So before moving to Top10 free Favicon generator website

Lest understand the importance of Favicon

Favicon is basically a miniature logo representing the company which directly & indirectly helps user to remember the brands also helpful to give awarsness of your brands on search engines.

The people who have bookmarked your website favicon is helpful for them because it is easy to search on bookmarked pages.

What people mostly ask on search engines of favicon


Does favicon affect SEO?

Yes, it is obviously important because it is a tiny thing on the internet but plays a very important role, Favicon not comer under Seo factor but according to an online writer I would like to give the advice to keep the favicon to your sites to make a great network.

Favicon is helpful for site awareness, logo awareness & bookmarked apart from this it is helpful to give the complete structure on the internet which means when you placed the favicon on your website it gives a new professional look to your sites.

What are the favicon files?

Favicon is a tiny image around the 16/16 pixel icon which appears on the top of the browser, some of the online creators also demand big size fo favicon like as an example WordPress holds a 512×512 pixels in the same way there are many other companies has the pixel size of 300/300 or 600/600 pixel favicons.

What format should a favicon be?


The standard size of a favicon is 16/16 pixel & it is the best size for all the website but it also depends if you like to increase big size favicon to give more focus on your logo.

Apart from the above question below questions are also most searched on the internet.

Which are the common question on Favicon

  • How do you make an icon?
  • How do I save a favicon from a website?
  • How do I find the favicon of a website?
  • How do I add a favicon to my WordPress site?
  • How do I find my favicon in Chrome?

See for all the above question I have the single video to shows which I have placed the end of the content.

I Have listed Top10 free Favicon generator website

All the above-listed links are one of the trusted on the internet & why should i have not given the website description because all are good to go with & has a unique great design on favicon to create next level short logo.

Now the actual question on how to create favicon & placed to your website

For this question, my search was ended on

                                                                      WordPress Tutorials – WPLearningLab

Shore-me Has no icon because the design and logo are under construction.

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