Start Your Blogging Career in 2020 Tips Revealed


Here I Am on another most interesting topic on how you can start your blogging career in 2020 Tips Revealed.

Want to learn about how to earn passive income that can fulfill your all regular dreams.

I have marked many tips last year that can help you to start your blogging career in 2020.

People are not much clear of blogging, so this small content can clear your blog doubts.

Start Your Blogging Career in 2020 Tips Revealed

Final Decision 


Have you completely convinced your mind and offered a great deal about Blogging, So this article will be your Santa Claus who has opens all magic tricks that can help you in 2020 Blogging.

So before moving to that actual content, I would like to share some of my important suggestions with you.

What mistake we make in blogging?

This is one the most important question in blogging career, we can start the blog overnight but to implement or to learn technical things will take time.

Mistakes are many but some of the important mistakes are only 3 & How to implement those 3 mistakes.

When you crossed this 3 path of blogging ” What next you need to Learn is Below ”.

Who is your Inspiration?

Inspiration is the key which I believe it can help all bloggers of the town.

Started my blog in 2016 & before jumping to this main ground I been to many websites of Blogger I mean a Professional blogger.

There are so many superheroes of blogging & many – many inspiration of new bloggers.

Before jumping to blogging I believe everyone has become a scientist of the interest and digged many things about blogging in which few websites content you have liked the most & that has kicked you up for the blogging.

Blogging Money?

” I M loving It”

The best keyword of the rolling year is only Money.

Around 2% of the people which I believe write the content to fulfill their passion because blogging is the platform to make billions from online.

In my Goldmines list, you can judge how much a blogger earns from online.

Start Your Blogging Career in 2020 Tips Revealed

Start your blogging career in 2020 Tips Revealed ( Step By Step Guide )

  • Choose a Niche for your blog
  • Buy an effective domain for your blog
  • Buy a Sitegroud hosting ( Truth behind Siteground )
  • Setup WordPress
  • Download the pilots Pluging for your platform
  • Choose a simple attention Grabbing theme
  • Build your Logo & favicon
  • Start your blog & make it live
  • Bonus: Take help from Yoast SEO to on-page SEO for your blog

This 9 key of the lesson will make your blogging career on a straight street.

Choose a Niche for your blog

That’s not enough when you write about your passion there many more things which you need to learn before selecting the perfect Niche.

Finding a perfect niche is kind of creating a pillar of the building.

How to find a niche that can help you to grow?

Internet says to us ”To turn your passion into profit ” but the reality is completely different because it only helps those people who have great knowledge of their passion.

Blogging is a kind of sharing an idea or a solution on the internet & if you have that solution in a great method your blog will automatically get ranked.

So select your niche on which you’re confident about.

I have listed some of the ranking niches on my recent post but that’s not enough because the honesty is above.

Buy an effective domain for your blog

A complete internet world works on keywords, so when you start your blog you must require a great domain that can overview your insider.

Suppose your blog is about fashion to turn traffic or rank quickly try to select the domain in which your niche includes.

Shore-me has not created as per niche because there is a story behind it on home about page.

Buy a Sitegroud hosting ( Truth behind Siteground )

Note: I have only listed some best plugin of WordPress rather than creating the confusion by listing multiples.

In this, I have not marked an option for you because the focus is completely cleared

Siteground & why?

You can start your professional blogging career by landing upon any hosting provider company but there is only 3 recommender are by WordPress himself & Siteground is one of them.

All three are the great keys but my special recommendation is only for Siteground because before signup with hosting I been to many searches on the internet &  I don’t want you to keep you to waste any single day.

Because the list of website will appear with different prices to crab your sale & that will make you get confused to select the best.

After joining with the siteground what benefits I received is listed.


Setup WordPress

If you’re siteground user so hosting will ask you to install website guider & with the help of that tool you’re website will get live in minutes.

What are other ways to setup WordPress?

Suppose if you are a user of other hosting providers the process is much similar.

All you need to do is do download the WordPress on your domain

Step 2: Set up your login details

Step 3: Signup from your admin page

Step 4: Do to setting list of tab will appear, visit on every tab & fille the required details.

When you complete your four-step land on your dashboard where you can create some of the pages & even more.

Download the pilots Pluging for your platform

  • SEO
  • Security
  • Redirection
  • AMP
  • Social Media
  • Newsletter
  • Analytics
  • Fonts
  • Compress
  • Bonus: Table of content
  • Bonus: Cache

All content writer has the role to setup proper WordPress dashboard before getting started.

WordPress platform has a huge gallery for plugin some with the premium prices and some are completely free.

So before get started all you need as per listed word plugin

SEO: Helps you to improve On-page SEO & SiteMap even more about SEO techniques on his free subscriptions.

Yoast SEO is the perfect Plugin on WordPress to fulfill your SEO needs.

Security: Spamming comments are the nature on the internet, you will receive tons of comments when your blog will start growing, so security is much important to get rid of fake ips.

AKISMET is the best medicine to get rid of all those spamming activities.

Redirection: Redirection is a simple plugin with a powerful result.

When you jumped from free host to paid hosting your website URL gets changed on which user can able to find your page on google but when they land its shows NO result was found.

This will badly affect your overall SEO because your user gets upset & search engine will u market you from the ranking.

With the help of redirection, you can mark your old pages into the new URL.

AMP: Accelerated Mobile Pages

This framework is completely designed for providing user first format that can mark your website in google easily and make your website more faster.

Better AMP is one of my choices to suggest to you.

Social Media: With an increasing of user numbers on social media Sassy Social share plugin is a tool for you to do free advertising directly from your content.

Newsletter : It is important to stay connected with your user & newsletter will fill those gaps.

Choices are many available on the plugin tab but I basically user Icegram Email Subscribers & Newsletters .

Analytics: Now you don’t need any monster to your dashboard all in one SiteKIT is the perfect & powerful plugin on WordPress to show the complete details, like your adsence, speed & google analytics.

Fonts: Fonts are always important but my suggestion is to not keep changing regularly Google font is the best plugin for this.

Compress: W3 Smush can squeeze your website images without reducing the quality & save lot os space with the help of this plugin you are not only saving the image quality but also improving your loading time of the website.

Bonus: Table of Content 

When your blog has more words then pictures you need a table of content to give a bit of idea about your focus tag.

Easy Table of Content is one the popular on WordPress.

Bonus: Cache 

W3 Total Cache is one of the popular plugins with over 1 million active installations, this cache plugin will improve your overall SEO performance because it stores your website date to load faster on the next time.

Choose a simple attention Grabbing theme

WordPress has a huge collection of themes from which can create a stunning website in just a few minutes.

NO coding & no any technical help just download & live your website in minutes

My recommendation is always to make your theme as simple where user can understand and they love to visit again .

Build your Logo & favicon

A logo is the identity of your website from which the user can easily identify or you can also say as a stylized version of the company name.

Favicon is the smallest icon which also called a URL logo or ICON.

I my recent articles I have mentioned some of the researched sites from where you can create free logo & favicon.

How to create Logo 

Free Favicon Generator

Start your blog & make it live

Hurray ||

When you complete your all above task so 2020 blogging career is the right time to publish your first blog.

Find the ranking topic and write your first article & make it live.

Bonus: Take help from Yoast SEO to on-page SEO for your blog

Yost SEO is one of the powerful tool which can help your blog post on Onpage SEO.

How to Use Yoast for Proper Onpage SEO.

There are many things will come under while explaining each point of Onpage Yoast, but when it comes to practical it will not take much of your time on-page SEO.

So Hogan Chua Video will quickly guide you on this.

This content is not just an article on start your blogging career in 2020 Tips Revealed but it is an experience & the diamond stone which I have shared.

Dont forget to share if you like start your blogging career in 2020 Tips Revealed

start your blogging career in 2020 Tips Revealed

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