Some of the trusted website for Backlinks Checker

Some of the trusted website for Backlinks Checker

Every day there is a surprise from search engine & with regards to SEO, many things have been changed but according to backlinks has remained the same.

Some of the trusted website for Backlinks Checker

Want to Rank higher on searches and bit your competitors by using effective & off course powerful backlinks.

Backlinks are one of the top factors come under Seo ( search engine optimization).

By the help of backlinks, you can rank higher because it is something which also called as votes.

The more website has a link to your website the more you build a trust factor on search engines.

Quality backlinks always give good returned to your website & it helps lot to grow in an online platform.

Google algorithm make changes to present the best content for their users so he always keeps changes that basically kills all the low-quality links which means they will destroy the complete website content if you’re not built quality links.

So let’s begin with some of the most popular backlink checker platform that can help you to grow much faster.

To begin, always start with a basic path so lets first.

  • What is backlinks?
  • What is low quality backlinks ?
  • What is powerful high quality links?
  • What is high domains authority?
  • What is the low domain Authority?
  • What is DO follow backlinks?
  • What is NO follow backlinks?

What is Backlinks 

In simple backlinks is an incoming link tow web pages like as an example a website has linked with some other websites called as backlinks another example website A has given the link to website B called as Backlinks.

What are low-quality backlinks 

Low-Quality backlinks will be damage your website because it comes from an untrusted website or low traffic or a google penalized websites, so before jumping to create backlinks always keep in mind to create good quality backlinks from a trusted website.

How we know the quality website, see the numerous things which you do by doing some experiment or you can directly follow a great website from google on how to find trusted web source for quality backlinks

What is powerful high quality links

Quality powerful backlinks come from a higher authority like a website article are already ranking on search engines & has a very good trust on google if such website will be linked to your website, your website will start ranking quickly & it creates great backlinks for your online SEO.

What is low & High domain authority 

According to my view, low domain authority takes times to rank on search engines like as an example a new blogger has started his blog google will not index his page quickly compare to high domain authority because high domain authority are those websites which are come under google favourite list.

Google basically save those sites into their system which already gives him a  good quality content from last many years so newborn baby it is difficult to convert his website domain on high authority but not impossible if you regularly give quality content google will observe & save to his list.

What is DO follow & No-follow Links

Both are the same but function are different like Do-follow links allows google to pass along with such links & on the other side no-follow will not allow search engines.

Why we need backlink checker tools & how they help us?

Today I will be going to share you four tools that will make your work easier & because these tools trusted by bloggers.

Why we need backlinks checker tools &  how it help us

I hope with the above content you have already cleared why we need backlinks & why it is so important, backlinks play a very important role in SEO with the link building strategy, it helps us to rank on search engines.

4 tools for Backlinks Checker 2 are premium and remaining are free.

Semrush & Ahrefs 

No reason Semrush & Ahrefs  are the powerful tools for SEO which cover all ingredients to whom we need to play starting from keywords ending with multiple stuff covers all strategy to keep your content active on google

Linkwiker & Uber suggest

Linkwiker & Uber suggest are free superpowerful SEO tools to keep an eye on your competitor’s strategy.

Honestly, I mostly use Uber Suggest because it has created one of my favourite blogger Niel Patel , another reason is it has made so simple with just few tabs your website will become powerful.

Shore-Me Shooters, I hope everyone has linked this post, any question please ask on comment session.

How to Create Backlinks – by Niel Patel




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