How to get Adsense approval on first attempt

How to get Adsense approval on first attempt
How to get Adsense approval on first attempt

This question is common because we all have this question before jumping into blog . How to get Adsense approval fast ?

What are the way or a special hacked formula to get approval on 1st attempt.

Most of the new beginners always failed to crack Adsense approval on his first attempt .

Reason are many as follow

  • No pages added
  • No quality content
  • No good graphic
  • Bad Speed load
  • Bad Content fonts
  • No Images and videos added

All these are the reason to not qualify for adsense .

What’s are my ways , where you can get results more faster .

How to get Adsense approval on first attempt

Let’s first understand the path of Adsense because if you clear with the path the result will automatically flow in to your pocket.

What is Adsense?

Let us make it simple Adsence is a marketing platform where all the advertiser is interconnected with one platform to advertise their products online.

AdSense is completely run by google and target on all site content to crab their traffic for their advertiser

How Adsense work ?

Adsence run by google and offers a genuine way to earn money online to all content writers .

Adsence have a huge network wherefrom all over the world advertiser bid advertising to grow their brand and sales

Adsence shows relevant ads to site content to crab click and sales for their promoters & return of which he provides good money to site owner.

Do I have the option to change the advertise as per my relevant ?

Sadly but the answer is NO because google have the powerful robot’s to do such things , So AdSense himself decide which ads he need to display .

But there is an option for Auction where you can play with the bids

How Adsence target to our website ?

There is no rocket science on this because Adsense always follows the content and works with the same strategy as an example if your blog relates to finance adsense tries to display all the ads which relate to finance and its main work in four ways.

  • Contextual Targeting
  • Placement Targeting
  • Personalized targeting
  • Run of network targeting

Lest understand the four steps of Google Adsence

Contextual Targeting

Contextual targeting is based on overall website graphic, your website fonts , keyword analysing , and overall link structure like one link connect to outbound sites or interlink with your post – a completely connected sites with each others .

Placement Targeting

Placement targeting is a completely run as per advertisers where an advertiser have the access to run their ads on handpicked sites .

Personalized targeting

Personalized targeting is a unique step for all the advertisers because by enable personalized Ad setting ads will start targetting to a targetted audience or you can say interest-based audience.

Run of network targeting

Runs of network targeting is used for all networks which are under AdSense network, ads will display all the sites to create great networks.

How long can I see ads on my site ?

Normally it takes 2-3 hours after the adsence approval but it also depends whether you have paste the automatic code on your sites or not .

Or you need to place the code as per requirement where you need to display the ads .

Attention : Do not click on your own ads – follow the AdSense policy rules

Can I remove ads which I don’t like to see on my sites ?

Yes you can remove the ads as per your relevant by using Blocking controls

How much money should I have to invest to use AdSense ?

Google AdSense is completely free and open for every one , All you need is you site with custom domain .

How long does it take to get approval from Google Adsense ?

I will not give appropriate time for this because it completely depends upon your site, your content, volume, page, and views, some get the approval on the same day and some are fighting for a months and months.

Adsence love’s publisher so respect to all ads network and follow their Program rules and their Terms condition

Addition Helpful link

Google AdSense YouTube channel link to keep you up to date with AdSense

After going through the AdSense program, I have collected a few bullet points which will help you to get AdSense approval at a fast speed.

How much money can you make from Google AdSense ?

I will not say you will become a billionaire but Adsense provides a good CPC- Cost per click, which help to earn a good income by using AdSense platform

Adsense earning is depends upon your post , the more viral your post will be the more you earn .

People are making a millions by using AdSense program

7 Bloggers making massive income from AdSense BloggersPassion

What are the Basic requirement does adsense look for ?

  • How many pages are required
  • How much content is required
  • How many views are required
  • How much site speed is needed
  • How many comments are needed

Let us make it simple google AdSense is a platform that loves all content writers, so remove all negativity from your mind and start with positive note to achieve your milestone .

How many Pages are required

Normally its not required much pages to get selected but I have created 6 pages for Shore-Me

My pages are listed below

About me : This page creates trust & which creates traffic because you are showing your identity (truth ) on open online platform

Contact Page : This page is helpful for all the user to directly reach out by using the contacting tab.

Disclaimer : This page is a statement which shows the limits of liabilities .

Disclosure : This page shows the all information relates to your earning and purchase

Privacy Policy : Privacy policy is a document that shows all details of your data on how you secure your user data and also all the parties which are under the same station.

SiteMap : This page is helpful for robots to crawl and live your post at a faster speed

The home page is by default, you can get approval if your website doesn’t have sitemap or disclosure page but according to my view, these 6 pages are really important because it show’s your user that your site is genuine and given proper relevant information.

How much content is required

Straight to the point , minimum 10 maximum 16 which this figure AdSense can easily trust on your sites and allows on their platform .

16 is good number to apply for adsence to get your application approved more quickly rather keeping you on hold for week.

Notice : Give a unique and useful fresh content which creates value for user, No ( copy and paste ) – because Adsense hates this

How many views are required

Starting stage – do not focus on viewers and comments only focused to give relevant and valuable information because adsence himself know the site is new , so he only focus on your content with a minimum traffic like as an example 500 to 1000 views not visitors .

How much site speed is needed

Well adsense not look site speed because adsense is helpful platform who welcome all new comers .

But sitespeed is important not related to AdSense approval but related to your overall growth , so try to always keep your site speed between 1 to 8 seconds .

How to check site speed by using Ubersuggest

How to get Adsense approval on first attempt

What’s all important on this ?


Enter your Website URL on search panel.

Submit your site

Your search will redirect you to dashboard

after landing to dashboard scroll down and clock on SITE AUDIT

It will take some spare of time hardly between 1 to 3 minutes and shows the results .

Attention : Site audit or any report is not 100 % perfect but shows 90 + percent perfect data, where a blogger can easily analyze and know the weak points of their sites.

Do not analyze site speed when you have a bad connection of internet always try to analyze on good connection to know the exact fact of your sites because you analyze on bad connectivity your result will come under poor zone or not a appropriate result .

How many comments are needed

In-short no comments are required to get approval from adsence .

You have learn the AdSense path and the basic requirement .

Now lets jump to the approval process

Google AdSense Login Signup Page

With the below images you can easily come to know how to apply for adsence with 2 simple steps.



  • Submit your email id and website link
  • Home page display
  • Got to sites tab
  • Add your site

That’s it wait for some time your AdSense approval come under process .

How to get Adsense approval on first attempt
How to get Adsense approval on first attempt
Click on add site , this page will display add your website URL and click on next

Google AdSense follow 2 steps verification and if you not cleared your test it shows needs attention.

What is Needs Attention and Ready ?

Will discuss both the thing , So lets first understand the needs attention.

Needs Attention

When you submit your site without pages or limited pages along with limited content AdSense will keep your data stored on their server and shows the result with Needs attention which means your site not ready to advertise ,there are some bugs that an author needs to recover or imporve .

When you improve on all your lacks you can again asked AdSense to verify your sites by clicking : I confirm I’ve fixed the policy violations.

Understand the below 3 pages if you face such an issue.

Webmaster Guidelines

Programme Policies

Content Policies

See, important is webmaster guidelines but I am asking you because to get more depth into AdSense.

By doing this , you can easily play and remove those red remarks .


Ready Means your website is completely eligible to show AdSense ads .

Attention: If you increase invalid clicks or and any kind of a scam , google will not entertain and disabled your AdSense accounts.

After you done with all the steps, I am sure you will receive below message .

Congratulation your google AdSense approved

How to get Adsense approval on first attempt
How to get Adsense approval on first attempt

Hope this will helpful for you .

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