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Hello Howdy,

Your buddy has back again with a new article, the government of India has declared a holiday for the next 21 days, So I had decided why to waste so much time after my office work I can invest my self into blogging & help my buddy to earn money from the online platform.

Let’s start with today topic.

How to capture millions of eyeballs

When the words come how to capture millions of eyeballs which means how you have planned to capture the market offline or online by using different tools.

So this topic is not about only to make money but this article will help how to grow and invest in your platform.

Let’s take my story.

I am a person who belongs to a poor family and couldn’t afford expensive stuff even to those little things which I wish too.

When I started blogger I have given some time to my brain to learn first then make an earning, so for that reason, I have given a slogan to my website to start, learn, earn.

These 3 words are very simple to say but it has the power that can turn you from beggar to rich.

I have invested in myself first, they started with a free blogging platform called as a Blogger – a Google product.

Just to know whether the things which I have learned from so many different sources is applying correctly or not.

I failed & I started the day has knocked my door & the website has started ranking but with the blogger domain.

That day I completely decided not to look back & sit, go forward and make some good stuff article on the online platforms.

As I was planned to make a website about fashion & music niche, but then I decided, what If I share my knowledge which I have learned from different sources and worked successfully on an online platform.

Para has become quite big – sorry about that …

How to capture millions of eyeballs

How to capture millions of eyeballs in a day

Today hope everyone aware about the competition in the market is getting tuff day by day.

But find the way how you can make the unique work that can easily beat to any completion.

As a blogger, this sentence I not suppose to use …

”Learning and invest in yourself ”

The above sentence is important in any field, the teacher can teach you things that also make your mind visualize your dream.

But in the end, you are the owner of your mind,ย who can take him to the richest mind or world biggest beggar mind.

If you invest some sort of money in yourself that will I believe give good returns, but this thing only after you train your mind properly about your dream.

Today we discuss how you will and I myself will capture millions of eyeballs from different platforms.

Lest count how many social networking + powerful website is available on Google and other such engines.

Before finalizing the platform I love to share one thing first.

Suppose a person has a website called health fitness and his writes only discover about health topics in a similar way a person holds a website called lunchbox and hold articles like different dishes.

Above 2 people are both are the blogger what do you think.

Do these people need any advertisements or which advertisement platform is useful for them…

We will cover in this topic which platform is good for a niche to capture millions of genuine eyeballs.

A powerful platform to capture eyeballs.

  • WhatsApp
  • Quora
  • Youtube
  • Google

I hope everyone has these platforms first in their mind.

Everyone has a good choice and clever mind of a marketing platform.

So, I believe more than half of the population uses it on a daily basis from around the world.

Apart from this there many other babies are available on the internet for great returns.

But I don’t make the articles make complications where there is a way by these super marketing tools.

A new baby in the market called As TIK TOK.

I also want you to keep this in your list when you plan for marketings.

See every niche has there marketing platform but I believe this global platform can turn millions of eyeballs.

Let’s Begin With the first tool


Tiktok is a powerful social networking service nowadays, with over downloaded over 1.9 billion times worldwide & operating in 40 languages.

It is basically used to create short dance, lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos, & now the tiktoker has become so popular around the world.

A newly launched TikTok marketing has also given a big chance to all the business holders into every category to grow their traffic.

Create a TIKTOK account and get a credit of INR 2000 ( to know the currency as per your country select your language tab is available on right side of the website )

Advice: Useful for all kind of Niche


Photo and video-sharing social networking powerful app available between us.

Day by day the counts of download is increasing around the world.

Instagram Marketing not only grow your audience but mark your platform into good numbers.


A powerful network & a trendy advertising platform between us, in today’s era everyone. I believe using WhatsApp to lower their cost on the message. A great app with great features offers WhatsApp marketing , when it comes to memey only two platforms are always on the top list one is Instagram and the second is Whatsapp.

Fits on all categories and offers a great network to advertisers.

In the same way, the other 3 platform works with the same above features the only difference on some sort of prices on advertising

  • Quora
  • Youtube
  • Google

We have learned the super-powerful networks of marketing, but apart from advertising, you will not achieve all the networks. so for that with the investment, you need to focus more on your targeted audience like an example: If you blog related to the food you supposed to remove some data and asked your competitors to help.ย  Try to circulate messages on those groups where all are interested about blogging try to understand the problem of others and asked them for the suggestion, so accordingly, you can plan for your next topic.




















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