How to add a custom domain on blogger for free


Shore-me has back again with a new articles on google and today the topic is about How to add a custom domain on blogger for free, Now I believe many of my readers are knowing about blogging and some are very new to this industries, so don’t worry taking the next step on Google is always good for your website .

When I was started doing blogging seriously I was much confused to do things online and to earn money from an online source, but blogging is the place where you can earn millions and not even a single penny, the right formula always works which no one can teach that you need to find in yourself.

When I was started and I keep uploading my post with bad English even today I am not good in English but you know things will take time to implement, so I was started uploading my story and sharing the real experience which I have learned from different sources, but not with custom domain, previously the scenario was different for all ads network they easily give approval on any subdomain but today its is completely opposite now all trusted ads network always look for custom domain .

Custom domain is powerful to buildup the traffic by showing the trust factor and make your own brands.

There are few things which we need to learn before jumping to practice 

Importance of Domain 


How to pick Domain?

Let me take my example on this question because people say how to find the best domain, how to pick the perfect domain to reach new heights on Google, does this things matter? What do you think 

See there are many formulae to play with ranking and of course selection of proper domain is also count under that, but let me clear one thing if you are just working on blogging for the shake of money so I especially suggest buying some high traffic domain with low competition for an example.

Select the trending topic and buy the domain as per that keyword ( write some articles about trending topics ) your blog will start ranking in a few days but the sad part is, this trick will only work for some time, not for a lifetime.

But you are genuinely looking out to grow on google which will benefit you for a lifetime, then apply the hearted formula, select the domain as your interest and upload articles that you love, confident and in which you have much knowledge.

What people make mistake they buy related domain, which is already ranking and they loose after some time, a blog can give you everything or nothing so before jumping into blogging first understand your interest and then start with online career, keep this below work in your mind because this will help you.

Articles speak on google not domain

Why I have invested, I made many subdomains from blogger and started running my blogging career, I almost failed in everything but that is not my demotivation, I believe that was my journey where I have to learn and invested my time to make my dream platform Shore-Me.

Now I believe with the above word you have brushed up your mind

Suggestion: If you are new into this platform, so don’t go for any hosting plans because Google is offering a free platform for all blog writers which called as

Why I am saying this is just because you don’t lose your money, the blog is not like creating articles from which you will start making money. it takes time to implement yourself to make and to create a great article even to another scenario that can crab to SEO factors.

Google robots himself will not rank any website which is new to the platform, because it is the tools where people get interesting ideas, knowledge and much more, so search engine algorithm always hunting to show the expert articles which can define the best to the user.

Ranking with crossing others is the biggest task on google so prepare yourself make yourself more powerful before jumping to the main ground.

Use the free keys, with a custom domain and experiment on google, give yourself some time and understand the platform in few months you will see much more implement on your-self, your articles, keywords selection, videos, images selection, heading selection, a powerful paragraph.

When you have made your decision to selected your custom domain, what next step which you need to do.

Beginners :

What is Domain?

The domain is the name of your business which can define a brand, for example, was my previous domain and I have changed to create my own brand or you can also say as own business name, so I was purchased

How much it is cost me?

It totally depends, the starting fare is INR 149 (Tax is not included – Data collected from GoDaddy)

If your selected domain comes under premium so you need to invest as per listed rates which will cost you lakhs.

Suggestion: If you lookout for a budget then I specially suggest do not buy the premium domain because it will cost you much more money rather doing that buy the related domain as an example – Suppose your Small business is SEOCLUB and this domain listed under premium go change some word or add some letter like, SEOCLUBS or SEO-CLUB, you can get your loveable domain .

Shore-Me also has driven this formula because I was started searching for a domain, the shoreme was already listed and no domain was available so I used the same upper tricks to get that domain and found

After you got your domain whats next step you need to do is to add with blogger to change your free domain with custom,

I will not show these practise with shore-me because shore-me is already running with WordPress and Siteground web hosting.

Let me take one of my previous domains in which currently I am not working so that will give you a clear idea on how to add a custom domain on blogger for free follow the below Step by Step process.

Domain Platform

There are many websites that can offer you domain in cheap prices some of them are listed below.

I have just shown the above platform for your reference, but you can get much more when you search for domain name registrars, godaddy I believe it is the cheapest platform to buy good domains.


  1. Create Account on Godaddy
  2. Enter your details or signup by facebook or Gmail account

How to Buy Domain

  1. Go to GoDaddy website
  2. Select the domain
  3. Purchased by clicking

Go Daddy Dashboard login

  1. Dashboard page has two Tab: Accounts settings & My products
  2.  Go to My products
  3.  Your purchased domain will reflect on dashboard
  4.  Two tabs will appear: DNS & Manage
  5. Click on DNS
  6.  DNS management records will appear

Blogger login

  • Login to your
  • Go to Setting
  • Click on the Basic tab
  • GO to the Blog address
  • Click on set up a third-party URL
  • Signup your login in go Daddy
  • Select the purchased domain
  • Paste in blogger thirty party URL along with WWW
  • Example
  • You’ll see an error with two CNAMEs.
    • Name, Label or Host Field
    • Destination, Target or Points To Field
  • Go to the website where you bought your domain. Find the DNS (Domain Name System) in the control panel.
  • Create Two Cname and 4 A records
  • Add four A-records which point to Google IPs.
  1.  Cname 1 : www+ Destination
  2.  CName 2 : Name + Destination
  • Enter details for the second CNAME, which are specific to your blog and Google Account.
  • Wait for at least an hour for your DNS settings to activate.
  • Your address will redirect to your custom domain. It may take some time.

How to add a custom domain on blogger for free

How to add a custom domain on blogger for free

How to add a custom domain on blogger for free

How to add a custom domain on blogger for free

After you complete, the process you need to click on HTTPS & HTTPS redirect where google will provide a Free SSL certificate for your website.

Hurray You completed

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Credit: Ritik Jangid

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