About Me

Learning gives Creativity

Creativity leads to thinking

Thinking provides knowledge

Knowledge makes you great

Welcome to Shore-Me.com – I am excited to share my story with you

My name Mehul Patel the creator of Shore-Me.com , i am a part time blogger and marque blog related to Digital marketing , Affiliate Marketing , Blogging ,SEO and SEM.

Few months back the same website on search engines known by shoreme.blogspot.com but now I have changed the primary domain in to Shore-Me.com

Here is what you will find on Shore-Me.com

Trouble free tips to create blog and make presence on search engines

Multiply the users on web page

Tranquil free tips of affiliate marketing and digital marketing

SEO & SEM basic to advanced

Hassle free techniques to grow on social networks , it has designed for all kind of bloggers and business owners .

Why Shore Me  ?

Shore Me has designed and created after taking a practical knowledge , experience and online result from search engines and designed in such way where a person can easily understand the importance of online world in to 3 segmentation .


We have created this path on the basis of our experience on online world and our motive is to provide hassle free tips to grow in to online networks .

My journey to become blogger was quite complicated

The Journey ( 1994 – 2020 )

We all have many dreams a part from one in our childhood days .

List of my dreams.


All above dream was in the age of between 10 to 15 after that some of the new dream has added in to the list.


Above dream was between 15 to 23 years of age after that similar and added one more dream in the list.

EDM artist

From the age of 24 decided to become blogger .

I believe this journey was not only happen with me it happens with majority people , you will find list of dreams,then add more dreams in to the list , then unmark un useful dream and mark new dream in to the list and at the end of the journey we finalised one …

This is how i selected blogging as my career …..

when i started working on dream after 22 , i failed many times

List of my failed networks


AtoZ movies
Mehul Vlogs
Music source

Online Earning

Website designing
logo making


Mushroom business
Export business
Nail wire business


Air Tracking
Fashion Qube
Rock Band
Song lyrics
Story Qube
Wildlife Stories

Below is just a quote copied from google but it has reality in life journey .

Push Yourself
Because No one Else
Is going to Do IT
For You

Last word Never stop doing because you never know success is just one step ahead …..