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The love of my life – Blogging

The real journey- The real words- and The real tricks – NO FAKE

The day i never forget when the idea was knock to my mind of online blogging & income ( 10- August-2016 ) Estimate between 12:30 pm to 1 :00 pm .

About ME – Author of SHORE-Me.

Myself Mehul Patel belong from a small town of Gujarat ( VAPI )


After i failed in my HSC – Higher Secondary , my brother has asked to shift with him in Mumbai

It was a great experience when i had joined my first company in Mumbai ( Andheri ) – Call center, and the pay was 6500 INR for a month.

I was pretty happy with my first salary and after working for almost 1 year ,I decided to change my company and go for some other source where i can get good amount of pay.

After working with 6-7 companies i was not much satisfy with my pay so i also decided to work part time to earn more income to full fill the financial problem & my small dreams .

But i failed to do – Its was a Sad day for me

Sometimes BAD happens for GOOD

The day arrived and the idea was knock to my mind about blogging , & i am pretty lover of online surfing

When the idea was knock from the day i started learning , doing experiment on internet to know much more depth of blogging .

Niche is the player of all the blogger and off course shows the path to grow on online platform

After learning & experimenting i became more powerful on online platform and learn those secret technical stuff which can helpful for all my newbie blogger .

I am not a Professional blogger but i can teach you as same as them.

All the post of shore-me is based on my experience –

The real journey- The real words- and The real tricks - NO FAKE 

What is SHOR-ME ? Story Behind Name

Honestly this name was come after eating a shawarma -is a dish in middle eastern cuisine ( meat cut and thin slices , stacked in cone shape and roasted .


The first name was created in my mind SHORE

How the ME was come ?

I was started searching on internet last name of my business , but after researching i couldn’t find anything impressive word , So i myself started giving random name and finally Me was arrived which suite to shore ,This way the SHORE – ME has taken place .

Real meaning of SHORE-ME – The land of a sea or lake

Me defines as ME only

My Dream

My dream is expensive but not much

I look forward to me as a Expert blogger , helpful blogger , my dream car -Range Rover Velar and sweet home for my family.

What You will Learn from SHORE-ME ?

Shore-me has created on real based experience so all the post which i post on this site is pure 100 % real no fake , which helps to all my blog-buddies to grow 10X times faster on blogging platform .

What SHORE-ME offers ?

A complete free guides on a complete blogging tips like on Seo , online earning & secrets principles of blogging and much more with the set of 3 formula


START – For all newbie blogger (1 )

Learn – Interesting tricks to make tricky move (2)

EARN – The final – Earn 24/7 ( Earn while you sleep) (3)

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