7 helpful tips to select Blogging Niche

Become a billionaire by selecting a popular Niche, Use the popular keywords to generate huge traffic, Use tons of backlinks to make your blog viral, This thing always advised by an expert.

Much more which you need to understand before jumping into blogging.

We all have tons of questions in mind mention below, but not to worry you have knocked the right door for information.

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When I was started into blogging by using a free subdomain from Blogger.com, I also been to this search about blogging niche and found many ideas relates to the niche, where the list of the category is been displayed on each website.

The most common niches are mention Below

  • Food 
  • Fashion
  • Tech
  • Lifestyle
  • Kitchen
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Personal
  • Fitness
  • Online money
  •  News

Who made this niche popular?

We all content writers because this niche has huge traffic on global.

But there is much more niche are available who all are not in the limelight but making millions from the internet who are they?

  • Carpenter
  • Interior design
  • Review
  • Own stories
  • Painting 
  • Handwriting 
  • Trees 
  • Exploring Haunted Place
  • Maths Tricks 
  •  Animals 

This is just a small list for your reference but there are many more hidden niches are available who are making millions.

Who Made this niche?

A content writer who loves to write on their interest.

What we make a mistake in blogging?

Let me tell you my story on this when I started into blogging my intention was to earn huge money from the internet, so I selected the best popular niche to work with.

I selected a fashion niche to work with and that has troubled me.

With the Zero-knowledge of fashion, I started my blog on blogger and been to many websites to take some content about fashion .

I have posted some articles related to fashion after doing some editing.

After a few days, I become lazy to find content from the internet so I used youtube for the second option where I usually make my practice to watch the youtube video who doesn’t have the blogging website and just copy their content on my website in these ways on a daily basis I started uploading post.

I started getting good views 

But when I checked my Google analytics it shows users even not stay more than 20 seconds on my website.

It was just because of my content.

People are smarter than you, they can easily evaluate the written article is real or just copy & paste, So be real on the internet.

I love to visit blogging websites that share blogging tips & techniques to grow.

When I started posting as per my interest about blogging tips the response was amazed me and cleared my all doubts.

Blogging was what I love to work with & fashion was not in my interest list, so I decided to quit fashion and share the real experience on the internet about blogging.

7 helpful tips to select Blogging niche

7 helpful tips to select Blogging Niche

In these articles, I will share with you the 7 Pro tips to climb on the internet and make your blog from beggar to billionaire.

  1. Understand Niche
  2. Understand traffic
  3. Understand Advertising
  4. Understand your interest
  5. You should Be Real
  6. Understand your first audience
  7. Follow you champ 

Understand Niche

We all know niche plays an important role on internet and helps our website to rank on internet searches.

Niche only plays important role for those people who know how to play it without understanding niche if you’re publishing your post on internet that will directly make your website down on searches.

So always looks for those niche in which you are confident and able to showcase your unique content on internet rather going for popular niche with high income mindset.

Understand traffic

Now after your selected your niche what next you need to know is the volume.

Voulume is another important stuff to analysis your niche, without analysis and directly jumping on to the internet will burn your website.

There are many sources are available to know the volume of a particular niche.


Free plugs

Google keyword planner


Google Search Console


Paid  plugs





I have only mentioned the popular and trusted platform to find traffic in this way many more are available on the internet to make your Blog career brighter.

I would also like to say you can also play on the internet without knowing your niche traffic by sharing your experience and the secrets tools which you know .

But in Today time every niche have some volume because google search is not from a specific place it’s from global search.

Every one search for everything but as a Blogger has to understand how he suppose to play and show their hidden talents.

Let me show you an example

A person with finance niche have huge volume on internet but opposite to him another website with same niche not have much traffic the difference is not something we can’t achieve it but the only difference is he not workings on his interest niche .

I saw many blogger who have same relevant content and their intention was just to crab online income from internet.

But does this really work ?

You know millions of post and website published on daily basis on internet if evryone working on popular niche there are no chance where your blog will rank on searched .

Also I also observed with a millions of same niche blog only few blog has succed on high traffic and rest are failed.

This thing only happen because we follow blogger blindly.

First understand yourself , understand your niche then select the niche as per your interest no matter whether the traffic is high or low to succeed in Blogging field.

But trust me with low traffic also your blog will generate good regular income from internet ,if your intentions is good and you are confident about your Content.

Understand advertising

If you love to earn money from affiliate marketing advertising tab will much more powerful then any other ads platform.

By sharing some commission company earn money and by showcasing ads you are making money , this is how affiliate works there poeple who are making millions from affiliate.

What is understanding advertising

I will take as example Amazon affiliate which have unlimited products list with good number of commission.

First step : when your write your content suppose as an example

-How to become SEO experts-

With the above tag line your content can biograp where you suppose rightto write or share some special techniques to grow on internet.

After you complete with your complete content.

Next step would be what products you need to select ?

Show only those products which relates to your content rather showing an high commission products.

Because there is a simple matrix on this when you show the real tricks on internet with matching ads there are much more chances to convert the  to saleads into sales and of your blood display with some the high commission products with unmatching content that will not generate a good income and user will  switch to another sites without engaging you content.

Why this difference?

I know we have questions both have ads whether it is relates or not .

Blog is like a pot of flowers the more you fill the more it ranks  .

Why people visit to your sites because they need to learn about SEO techniques to grow business if your show the relevant ads there are more changes where user can engage and fill that he is in right platform.

By showing matching ads user can buy the products directly from your website links.

Understand your interest

God has gifted us with a brain which has no limit to show their powerness.

We all have some dream some dislike and some like , passion and commitment.

Find your passion and work on it to make much more powerful content.

If you understand your passion your mind will activate yourself and help you to keep moving on zones .

By understanting your interest you will become much powerful and confident about your thoughts and that’s can easily swing on internet.

You should be Real

When your are real and your content is based on your experience your can engage with your audience on internet easily .

As I told there  bloare many blogs are Avialable on internet with similar content only some lines or words are changed but content will be the same .

User can only find which shows on I internet and they can also understand whether it’s is real or just pasted from other sites .

When you have a talent and skills to show the powerful tricks in a easy way people will engage more with your website and content , this will not happen in one night it will take time but once it will started ranking there is no chance where your website will loose the ranks .

User needs more and by simple technique which they can follow easily .

So be real and show what you know and where you can teach the tricks in a simple method .

Understand your first audience

Who is your first audience , According to me my first audience is myself ,my family memebrys and my friends .

When your published your first post I know every blogger share their content with their friends and family members .

So take help from them to know your weakness and strength , because it can make more blog more powerful then any others .

When I started my blog journey and wrote my first blog on blogger.com.

I have shared with my family members to my friends and my group called Billabong

Friends has motivated and demotivated

And when I implement on demotivated they started sharing my blog .

Suggest :- Ask them to rate your blog,ask them what implement should i have to make and what is good and bad about your content.

This will keep your moving and becoming your blog carrer more powerful because you are taking to the real authority from real user .

Follow the champ

Champ following is important why you inspired by someone , why you motivate by seeing motivational videos why you feel much more powerful by following your idols .

Champ following is helpful to grow in your carrer .

I am in to a blogging niche so love to follow people are in to the same stream.

I don’t have a particular idol for me but have many websites to whom i love to engage with.

My following websites are

Shout me loud




WP beginner

Niel patel


These are my top sites to whom I love to engage , not because this sites are old on internet but they creates value for user shares the effective techniques to grow.

In the same way when your crossed all above step or before steps follow your goal sites to implement yourself ,your content,your tricks and your knowledget to become someone else inspiration.

If your complete beginners show understand the main rules.

What is the meaning of a niche in blogging?

Niche is nothing but your passion your own category your own zone .

Is blogging profitable in 2019?

Yes offcourse, blogging is always been a profitable carrer which has not only grown blogger but also given chance to mange their own business by showing their talent in free of cost.

How do I find a profitable niche?

See, this question is nothing According to me because google ranks always matter as per knowledge not by pasting content , so niche is important but showcasing them with proper skills is much important.

What are the most profitable blogging niches?

Every blogging niche is profitable even those who are in high volume traffic and those who will less volume traffic.

Do not jump only on internet popular list keep you own decisions in which you think that you can able to turn situation.

Realness is the king on internet show what you love because this things turns on internet and creates a lot of money

What niche makes the most money?

No one and everyone , No doubt in some has good niche has a good CPC (click per cost) rates and some with a low CPC.

But if you see on other sites the competition is much more bigger on such niche where chances are much far for a blogger to rank on first pages by same niche.

People not even go to second page to find their needs they only prefer on first pages so ranking on first page is much more difficult without having high skills

So prepare yourself and understand yourself  to make a deep jump on internet.

Having you  ever seen Shore-Me articles ranking on first page of Google.

But I know and I have a belive that some days all the articles of shoreme will start ranking .

Hope this articles been usefull for you and filled your gaps by choosing a niche.

I love to here comment , share your thoughts and Shore-Me weaknesses I love to implement on those things.

Stay tuned for more useful content

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