3 steps to make professional website on blogger

Moving on every corner of the edge you will find blogger templates some with premium prices and some are in free.

3 steps to make professional website on blogger

Professional Website

What makes our blog look beautiful?

Template right, because it’s shows the user how beautiful you have designed your website and off course some sort of widget.

The template is much more powerful to impress a user and turn them to your blog back to again.

Impressed and expressed is the complete sources of templates to gain customer’s on high volume.

Do I need to buy expensive templates to gain volume?

See as we are living in the 21st century where all the network runs online, template crab user mind to knock them again and again but the most important is not how much amount you have invested or how much time you have invested to design your platform.

Selection a template is like creating expensive clothes on to the way to attract others, good clothes attract us to compare.

When I started my blog every second day I started changing my website templates not to look experience but to give professional and easy to use look.

Why template is important in 2019?

Every year billions of bunch template are been trolled on google platform some with extra features and some with cheap prices but with decent features.

Solid template with decent look always works on google not only on google but also in other search engine platforms.

What type of templates i have to use ?

See designer give keep working and workings to keep their work noticeable so it’s our duty to always give credit to create if they are selling at free.

Templates are many in online free and paid, people mostly engage with news pattern templates, fashionable template.

But by keeping extra fashionable website will also not work, Try to keep to make your website simple with decent graph to make your website more noticeable.

Simple and is decent have a huge difference so keep your website decent not simple to make your website more powerful and eye-catcher of others.

When I been to this search I have to many websites of every niche to understand and to get real experience.

I also started counting my own interest what I found something unique.

I have in my list which has mention below where I found this website is much decent and impressive name of some as below.

Shout me loud – red Design and black

Medium – white design

WP beginner – orange and black

Smart blogger – blue and white

Fashion – white and black

Money connextion – dark orange and black

All these websites have not only covered their website design but they have selected a great colour on their website which can be impressed easily to anyone.

Some below are the most eyecatcher colour for the site.




Red – fashion

White shine

Purple light

Plain white

Dark orange


But most of the website is been under below 3 colours but I have marked more on above because this list I have selected after some research.





Some of the website link I have mentioned below just to take the experience of this how it looks.

So, after you decided and finalise your chart is completely ready now to take your next step.

Google algorithm is basically not help on designer website but it helps when your blog will start ranking on Google.

People will see some interesting design with beautiful customization there is no chance that they will Not website your sites.

Beautiful design crab user attention & when you use find interesting into your blog they keep your sites in their bookmarks to read and visit on a ily basis.

This is how the complete process run.

Now are you a WordPress user or blogger user.

Both are the wonderful platform to create content without any coding language you can operate pin to point by just sitting at his dashboard.

Before jumping to main content let me tell you something which will benefit you to make your professional website.

Some of the important pages are very necessary to make professional sites.

About us



Terms and conditions




The discount page is only applicable to them who have some tie-up or affiliates discount.

You can follow any website which I have listed in these articles for an important page or you can just go through with shore-me.com pages.

We all know these page not only help to create an -catching website but it also helps to build Google trust and somewhere come under SEO factors.

So here is the question which we look for.

3 steps to make a professional website on blogger

Does create a website is so simple or you need some technical coding tricks.

No, anything which we create from trash is not so easy but with the Shore-Me experience you can learn the ct advance technique to create great with simple 3 clicks and the good part is you don’t require coding language, isn’t this surpiring you.

So lest work with simple 3 steps formula makes your website more professional.


If you are aware of to start and make your free website, I have written an article which can help you to make your own website by using the shore-me method, just follow the given link. Direct link.

Now, what all you need before giving a professional to your website.

Offcourse it would be planning right, A nice catchy theme, impressive colour with great speed, along with all these you need usefull widget because wiget can drive traffic to your blog.

How does widget help?

Widget is nothing but a tool most of the website which is ranking on internet is just because widget, but don’t keep tons of widget because it plays 2 types or wins or crash.

The more users friendly you make to your blog the more people will love your blog page to visit.

There are many widgets is available on online some are with premium prices and some are absolutely free.

The important and most useful widget are listed below.



Search bar

Recent Post or trending

Sharing buttons

I have only updated in my list 5 widgets which I believe every blog website has to be.

These are the free widgets on Blogger by just one click this widget will list to your blog

Every widget is useful as per above and plays different work on the net.


When we love the blog, what we like to do, should we keep in our bookmarks or subscribe to their blog to get up to date with them.

Finding a blog from a lions blog is such a difficult task on the net, so subscriptions play role to keep you, user, to lock with his system.


Suppose I am from China, and I like your blog I have not understood anything which you have been written the only thing which has impressed me is your photography and detailed infographics. I don’t know English but I love to read your blog.

This widget helps to convert your content on requested languages and that will bring more user to your site.

Search bar

Everyone knows the ch bar helps the to find anything more easily & it helps user experience on-site

Recent Post or trending

By default, most the website design is built in such a way where recent post are displayed on the bar or top bar.

Recent post help user to find the newest article on-site & they can engage more with your site

Sharing buttons

Sharing buttons help your website to reach new levels on the net & engage with more new traffic because people who like read or love with your articles while definitely like to share your articles with their friends and with the help of sharing buttons it is possible.

Congratulation …..

You have learned the steps to make your professional website.

Follow the above steps & make your professional website ( you can download free templates or premium templates as you wish ).

Templates bundles are easily available on search…..

Create a free website on blogspot

3 steps to make professional website on blogger

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