3 Common Blogging Mistakes ( How To Implement )

Blogging is one of the best ways to do online business by sitting at home & engaging around the world.

Blogging is an open platform where your qualification is doesn’t matter, only you & your content can able to turn the visitors.

Beautiful blogging but usually, every new blogger makes mistakes related to many things.

After not getting good results might be they quiet or may be struggling to get the results from a blog.

There are many serious problems which bloggers face in their journey but I will cover in this article only common 3.

There are many reasons where bloggers struggle in their blogging journey but I have picked only 3 because when you implement these 3 Common Blogging Mistakes ( How To Implement ) you all remaining problems will get solve.

Trust me when you implement these 3 mistakes your blog automatically starts fly.

3 Common Blogging Mistakes ( How To Implement )


Who all are agree with this step?

Ask yourself you want to become genuine or a fake.

We don’t have the habit to write everyday blogs So, offcourse it is difficult to give everday new article to the platform & it is also much difficult for those people who don’t like much about writing.

Copycat is a simple way to give a bunch of content to search engines in many categories like For example JOB, Song Lyrics & Video completely 99 % people make the copy content which google might be knowns because these categories not come under copy content zone.

When I started blogging in 2016 my first niche was story writing & I made a copy content on my website for almost 6.5 months I was just wasted my days.

Trust me if your work on copy content your content will be rank but it is only for some spare time but if you are serious about blogging I personally suggest do not waste your time on such things ”make your goal setting to achieve the best”.

BLogger also copy the niche which they follow even to some of the bloggers has copied 90% complete website of their tycoon hahaha!

See anyone can become a blogger but until & unless your blog will not rank on the searches you will not count as a pro blogger.

So if you want to become a pro blogger and earn huge income stay away from such copycat stuff.


We have the human behavior to find all stuff in free, where there is a free I am available.

We don’t like to invest in ourselves  & we have made the habit to find many things free of cost because digital products you will get it easily free from hackers.

But trust me this free will harm you more & turn your journey into hell.

When you start investing in yourself you will learn some interesting things, as a blogger if I suppose to buy any digital products I especially recommend do not look for any crack files go with the genuine product from the genuine sites in which make your conversation & learn much more about it.

Previously I also have the same habit of always looking for free digital products but I finally realized with some online experiment.

But now I have made a habit to buy real products form real authors to give complete credit to link.


Yes, this is true all-new blogger counting me always are behind money & I think this is the worst thing we think before entering into blogging.

We inspired by some youtube channel or by some of the online bloggers or maybe some writers to whom we follow.

Blogging is something that can make you rich but only when we implement it.

I saw many bloggers who inspired by some of the youtube channel & they opened their blog when they published their first blog on search engines their intention was not to gain traffic but to become millionaire, How to apply for AdSense & blah blah blah!

The money will come when you have the quality content & without providing proper SEO content if we are looking out for the huge income so it directly makes our site into the dustbin.


First, as a blogger I always like to share the real experience of myself, blogging is not easy as we think by watching youtube videos, all things you will learn from starting a website to generating backlinks but the only things which you not learn is patience & perfection.

Patience helps in every field with the help of patience you can achieve any goals in the world.

Perfection is another helping friend & with the help of perfection, your user count will increase more.

From around the world, millions of post published on a daily basis related to online income, everyone will teach you which you like to hear but the only few bloggers are giving free genuine pieces of advice.


What we need to Implement?

Copycat: Don’t copy others 

Free Stuff: Invest in yourself 

Behind Money: Don’t RUn Patience Perfection 

When you write any articles stick these 3 things into your mind trust me all your other common mistakes will implement automatically.

Mistakes like

  • Quality words
  • Understand the Audience
  • Understanding Niche
  • Bad writing
  • Unnecessary Long articles

These are just some of the examples but there many more which we make the mistakes but trust me this is a journey of blogging where you will learn by doing mistake above example you can easily implement but when you do not focus or on above 3 common mistakes your journey will stuck.

I hope everyone has understood these 3 simple but powerful common mistakes & what we need to implement.

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3 Common Blogging Mistakes ( How To Implement )

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