16 Highly Recommended Website For Guest Posting – 2019

Approaching the right website for guests posting is like creating something great product on the internet.

Millions of websites are available with billions of posts but finding a trusted platform is quite difficult to work.

We all love guest posts to engage with new networks and to build strong new traffic to our website.

Day by day the demand for guest posting is increasing people are getting aware of it.

I saw many bloggers who have a mental list of Websites for the guest posts but that really worth, What do you think?

A mental list of Websites is always creates something wrong, so keep it more simple and use powerful keys.

I have come up with the 16 Highly Recommended Website for guest posting.

All these 16 has collected after long research on the internet and by comparing some elements.

You may be disappointed if you fail

but you are doomed if you don’t try

So here is the list of 16 Highly Recommended Website For Guest Posting – 2019


16 Highly Recommended Website For Guest Posting - 2019

1. Medium

Medium is already a well known and powerful network for all content creators, this website ranks all over the world people from different countries publishing their posts to share their knowledge on the internet and to crab attention from huge networks.

Superfast Medium has an option where you can write your post and published on Medium platform to capture millions of eyeballs.

2. Problogger

Powered by a well know powerful blogger of internet Darren Rowse

Problogger is a professional platform that basically teaches about blogging, Darren has uncountable traffic on his website and shares the most valuable content to his user.

Follow ProBlogger and publish your guest post to jump high on the internet.

3. Business Insider

Another tiger in the list business insider the internet spider.

Business insider is mainly focused on technology and entrepreneurs by working with this network your knowledge will get more attention to crab effective user.

4. Inc.com

40+ years old player available on internet Inc.com the Powerkeys of global search

Inc.com is the magazine that focuses on focused news with over 33 Million months page views.

A solid network for all bloggers to make the smart move on the internet.

5. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is the ranker of Google because this website always ready to rank on the first page of Google.

Tech crunch writes contents on tech news with details and it offers the option for guest posting.

6. Shout Me Loud

Harsh Agarwal -The Men behind should me loud.

Shout me loud is a well known and award-winning Website of the internet.

The best part which I like about this website is the message which this website conveys to the user in simple words.

Simple to understand and big to grow to be a part of a guest post.

7. Mashable

Mashable has very great records on the internet by his unique articles.

This website Focus on Blogging, News and Digital media by his eccentric articles, this website always makes his position on the first page of Google.

8. The Huffington Post

2005 player of internet Huffington Post is the fastest runner on global penetrating.

Huffington Post American news website And blog, This Website writes contents on various topics like business politics, entertainment, comedy and many more.

Huffington post is a well-known and popular website of the internet and it holds the followers from all over the world.

9. Copy Blogger

Brian Clark is the man behind Copyblogger, founded in 2006 and focused on content marketing.

Copy blogger holds a powerful network on the internet with a huge volume of traffic.

No doubt it has powerful Da and outstanding fresh articles on the internet.

10. Hubspot

Award-winning Hubspot network is a developer and marketers of software products even to into blogging.

On the blogging page, you can find some useful interesting tips to grow.

With over 2 million monthly visits this site is already flying on globe search.

Be a part of this big network to grow much faster on the internet

11. Your Story

Author of Your Story is shraddha Sharma with her fresh articles your story is always on the limelight.

Your Story works on multi-niche like tech, entrepreneurs stories, and secret hacks.

Popular website of internet with huge traffic based networks

12. Smashing Magazine

Another powerful contender of internet
Smashing Magazine.

This website holds 3M views and substantial counts on all their social media accounts.

Smashing Magazine offers editorial content and a powerful resource for
Web developers.

13. The Sits Girls

Sits Girls was founded in 2008 highly focus on Blogging tips and social media

This website has a different look which talks about useful techniques to grow on the internet.

Engage this network to make your powerfull move on the internet.

14. OutBrain

Another superhero of internet OutBrain, A power key himself Outbrain is a native advertising company.

With over OutBrain your content will much noticeable, but this site only offers guest posts related to marketing, advertising, and research.

15. Semrush

If you are a content writer so I believe you already have much knowledge about it, Semrush tools offer the powerful guide and helping in many ways to make your tiger move on the internet like link building, backlinks idea, keyword research, writing assistance, content marketing and much more.

All the blog post of Semrush are fully unfathomable which helps user to know some tricks stuffs to grow on global search

16. Moz Blog

Moz is SEO tools the same as well-known Semrush and Ahrefs but Moz also counts under top 3.

Moz is the powerful source that creates your article more Powerful and helping in various ways like link building, inbound marketing, content marketing and much more.

Join the Moz Blog to show your talents on huge tailback.


Below find the direct link of above 16 Highly Recommended Website For Guest Posting – 2019

Website Name and Direct Guidelines URL

Attention – All the above websites have covered after a long research on the internet and some short experiment all above comes under my top 16 sites for recommendation and apart from this one more point has to add all this above website has different niche , some website only refer guest post on blogging and some only on SEO , So before signup request to read their guidelines and jump to the powerfull network to grow your sites .

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16 Highly Recommended Website For Guest Posting - 2019


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